BOY oh BOY am I going to be one tired employee tomorrow. BOY oh BOY am I SO not getting up for a 6am cycle class in the morning. It's midnight now and although it's no longer sweltering hot, it's become very windy. So tonight we have the option of "sleeping" with the window closed, Bikram Yoga style, or having the window open and, quite frankly, being scared of unknown things [insects and celestial beings, mainly] wafting in on the back of a breeze.

As a result I'm here instead, having a little peek at the latest offerings from Dinosaur Designs, who I like to admire from afar due to a tendency to instead purchase my precious jewels from Diva or Bali (ten cents for ten thousand bangles). One can dream.

A couple of weeks ago I went to the MindBodySpirit Festival in Sydney and I did speak with a psychic reader, a lovely lady named Jeanie. Without going into any sort of detail whatsoever, one tidbit of information she gave me is that orange is a good colour for me because it balances some aspects of my personality [excusez moi, is there a problem with the current specimen?]. Interestingly, I'd already read the same thing at  Colorstrology and shared it in a post in March last year.

So let's see if Dino Designs has anything ORANGEY to catch my eyes. *Dusts off Illustrator skills*

Yes, yes they do. 1: Bamboo2, 4 and 6: Coral Sea3: Abstract5: Insects


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