I woke up feeling preeeee-tty seedy this morning! The good news is that was for a good cause - a great night last night with I, the bachelorette, bringing together two sets of my married friends for hang times, haha. We had a really fun night at some local establishments. I actually just realised how awesome it is that I'm still super close with my very first friends. Kylie was my "first best friend" in Kindy, and Sarah was my best friend in Year One. My best friends now are primary school-arians. I love this fact!

Anyway, so I woke up feeling very seedy but am feeling a squillion times better now. You know when you have a hangover how the one thing your body really wants is a bucket of water, but actually ingesting said bucket of water is the last thing you want to do, because you pretty much killed your mouth and everything tastes rancid?

Yes, well I decided to rapidly ingest liquids in the from of a blueberry shake, which is one of my favourite breakfasts at the moment. Please excuse the horrendous photos. All I have at the moment to take photos with is a flashless ancient iPhone (not that I'm ungrateful, my brother lent it to me after my phone drowned in the bath). But, this time next week I'll be in Singapore, gearing up to go find my new picture snapper.

So I use water, milk, blueberries, handful of rolled oats, tablespoon protein powder, halfa teaspoon cinnamon powder. Whiz whiz whiz.

Good! Felling better.

Edit: For those mornings when you need a bit more kick (like me, this morning) add half a banana. Yum!

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