In 15 days and 9 hours I'll be on my way to Singapore. I am super duper excited for my trip - not only will I get to spend a week with my friend exploring the sights and sounds with her insider knowledge of the city, but I get to do a little shopping too. Yay!

I have been pining for a new camera for a long time now. I've been reading about an electronics shopping centre in Singapore, Sim Lim Square, which is where I'll be heading - but I'll have to bring my A game because it's a bartering culture. I am not the best bargainer, so I'm going to have to pretty much put on an act and maybe throw in a few winks or something. :/

I bought my first Digital SLR about 7-8 years ago now, and it's officially gone to camera heaven. It has seen about 18 countries so it's done well, but I really didn't give it the proper housing and care it needed. I've been sitting here practically dribbling over these camera bags from Kelly Moore. They don't look like camera bags (none of this black nylon rubbish thanks!) - they are stylishly lined and functional. So hard to choose, but I will be choosing one. Excited!

Thanks for the pics and review: CAROLINE JOY

Edit: I just ordered my HOBO MUSTARD from the Australian stockist, Camera Chick and am eagerly awaiting its arrival!

Edit: Just received my package at my work desk, squealed and clapped like a seal. Haha. I did a little fashion parade and have been sitting here opening and closing every zipper and flap on repeat.

So, initial thoughts? The bag is larger than I thought, but I'm sure that will come in handy. It's beautifully lined on the inside and well padded with adjustable dividers and a sturdy base that will definitely provide great camera protection.

I like that the flap over the top of the bag closes magnetically, no fiddling around required. There are lots of individual pockets, including a phone pocket on the side that has just the right amount of 'snug'.

It's light and comfortable to wear. As well as a camera bag, it's going to be an excellent (and stylish, ladidah) travel bag for the plane and, walking around being a tourist. Plenty of safe little compartments for the passport and all that essential travel paraphernalia. 

Very happy with my purchase! Thanks Kelly Moore and Camera Chick. I received the bag within two days of purchase, carefully packaged and with a bonus litte camera charm too. : )

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