Hello there and good morning. I am sitting here at my little desk, doing some journalling, with my bergamot essential oil a'burning. "Bergamot uplifts the spirit and emotions. Beneficial during times of stress and irritability", says the box. Right now is feeling a little like this: really, it's okay.

A few months ago I wrote a couple of posts on the matter of career indecision, and the fact that, I have it. I had made what I thought was a well-planned and sensible decision to go back to uni for a year to get my Bachelor of Education to become a primary school teacher. I went to uni for six weeks and it just started to feel wrong. Well, it never felt completely right... I'd talked myself into it being right, and made the best possible, most thoroughly thought-out decision at the time. But, more and more, it felt like I would get to the end, and still be thinking I was in the wrong place. I am glad that I had the opportunity to look into this line of work a little further. If I hadn't at least looked into it, I may have been left wondering. To a degree, I am back at Square 1... but that's okay. It's tricky finding a balance between having to get work, for, you know, living and eating and stuff, and wanting to find a place you'll enjoy. And also, finding a location, for I am a couple of hours away from the city now. Hence the ocean-like state of flux... but just have to keep remembering that it is just that, in flux, not a permanent state of tumbling. It might take some chopping and changing and exploring to find my feet, but I'll get there.

Anyway... here are some things I have been enjoying lately... (cake)

Last week, Lindsay and I hopped in the back of the car with Mum and Dad, and my two dogs, heading for the relos at Grafton. My cousin Steff and I decided to whip up this teacake to take on a visit to Nanna (this is before it went back in the oven and the topping went all oozy and sticky). It was sooo yummy. Um... and made on sugar. Shh. Steff and I always do a little baking when we're together. :)

We took a drive to Yamba... we were checking out the ocean view when I looked down and noted that our feet were dressed very much the same, and this amused me enough to do a photo shoot. Kindred spirits, we is! Also I need to moisturise my cankle.

Here we are.

We made like tourists and took a trip to The Big Banana. Somewhat underwhelming inside the 'nana, however I commend Coffs Harbour for keeping on top of the paint work. The shading on the banana tips was particularly nice.

And here with the mister.

The other day I went to Priceline to get one or two things, and then THIS happened. Priceline does it to me everytime! It's really a good thing that they have those pink baskets at the entrance and not trolleys. But, to be fair, I was merely stocking up on the essentials (essential oil counts as essential, it says it right there). I've been thinking more about what I put on my skin and what's soaking in, so I spent time perusing the non-mainstream stuff (what you can't pull off the shelf at Coles) and picked some more organicky products. If you run a google search on "What are parabens and why are they bad for you" the top few articles all have different spins on the matter - evidence either way seems inconclusive. Some draw links between parabens and cancer and others say the quantities are negligible and are detoxed by your bod. Either way, I figure that it can't hurt to try some things that are a little more natural. They smell guuud, too.

And this is just a pointless photo of what my home desk looks like this morning. Special mention for the pen tin, which I've had for about 15 years... every couple of years I wrap a new sheet of scrapbooking paper around the tin to spruce it up. Good story, hey? And that's about all I have time for today -- au revoir!


This weekend my beautiful little niece celebrated her 5th birthday with a Mermaids & Pirates party. Her talented mama did such a fabulous job, decorating the house with pretty aquas, pinks and whites, and setting out a scrumptious sea-themed feast with delicacies such as Seaweed Skewers (grapes threaded onto skewers), Crab Claws (carrot sticks), Fish & Chips (Dixie Drum Sticks and French Fries chips). For the party, I recreated some pearl oyster biscuits that I spotted on Who'd have thought a bunch of kiddos would gobble down a plate of oysters so quick?!

I used a basic shortbread recipe for the biscuit, fondant and an edible pen for the eyes, butter cream icing and metallic sixlets for the pearls (from Candy Bar Sydney).

Also, have a look at the sensationally sea-savvy party bags made by the hostess with the mostess (my SIL). Beautiful! 


With Easter approaching, I was considering posting pictures of cute bunny crafts or lilac-bowed, frosted sugar cookies in the shape of lambs. That would have been cute. Well... I bring you lamb! Shanks... upsidedown in a casserole dish. 

Still cute.

Summer is gone, everyone. Ripped out from under us like a sandy beach towel and replaced with a fluffy cream floor rug in the shape of a Farthing Wood Friend. Exit: lettuce. Enter: Waaaarm 'n' hearty comfort foods. This pie will get you there. I saw this on Good Chef Bad Chef and you can find the recipe here.

I was a little nervous to make it because lamb shanks seemed like such a grown up, serious thing to cook. Akin to a Sunday Roast (yet to tackle that milestone). But it was so easy, and well received by the man in the house. Baaaaah. 


The forgotten jolt of a crisp autumn chill met my bare arms this morning, as I tip-toed across the dewy lawn; a three-year-old boy jetting ahead in hot pursuit of the garbage truck. For the past five weeks I've been nannying for three children under eight; they have kept me on my toes. Master Three is absolutely obsessed with garbage trucks. I mean, you have never seen anyone, so besotted. He has in his possession enough toy trucks to launch a fleet. I have a feeling he one day will. At the telltale screeching brakes of the garbage truck this morning, he launched to the front door like a shot. The pure elation on his face as he waved to the driver and chased that truck, driveway to driveway, around the street. I saw a chuckle from the cab's side mirror as the truck rounded the corner, out of view. Master Three came running back, bubbling, beaming, churning out sunshine from his little face. The highlight of his week. We watch YouTube videos of garbage trucks most afternoons. This is my work life right now. I'm okay with that. Mid-video, he turns to me and says, "I want that truck for my birthday [in October]. Do you want it for *your* birthday?" He waits expectantly. Wanting to be truthful, I initially answered no, I would prefer some big girl things. He does not accept this response. He does not ask why, he simply restates the question: "Do you want a garbage truck for your birthday?" This time I say, "Yes. Then I'll come right over and give it to you." He seems happy with this. 

They are a handful. But when this stint is over I will miss little moments like these.