Friday Fling

So there’s this boy I like. Well actually, there’s two.

This is Ben. And this is Jerry.

They're so sweet.

Kind of want to live in this inflatable icecream house.

As much as I love Ben, and Jerry, I have to confess. I have been engaging in some shameless office flirting with an extremely delectable cup of hot chocolate. Being that it is a Friday and my work regimen generally consists of emailing friends, Googling the weather and discussing what’s for lunch (but also because I'm an overly competent individual who is on top of all my work) I decided to sneak passed the boss over to the take-away shop to succumb to my weakness and nab a couple of rainy-day beverages. My savvy and brainy colleague has a ridiculously large stash of marshmallows in her drawer, from which I plucked a handful of fluffy pink and white lovelies. Do I regret my decision to load up my hot chocolate with six marshmallows? Yes and no. On the one hand I’m pretty sure I’m sugar-drunk right now, on the other, there are few marriages that work so well as hot chocolate and marshmallows.

As the weather forecast for Sydney this weekend is looking somewhat damp (my bludging ways do serve a purpose, see) why don’t you follow my lead and go find yourself a good serve of HC & M. You won’t regret it.