Road Trips + Wild Flowers

This morning I went on a short solo adventure to Robertson, about an hour* south of Wollongong. *It was supposed to be an hour, but ended up being an hour twenty. See, I had a group job interview assessment thingy lined up for this morning at the Illawarra Fly, a place that offers guided rainforest walks. I was sitting on the fence about this job for a few reasons, but got up this morning and decided there was no harm in going to check in out. Anyways, I took a few wrong turns along the way, and arrived at the destination 20 minutes late. I would never hire someone who was 20 minutes late for an interview. I took this as a sign. 

I decided to have a sticky beak at the Fly anyway. The walks are $25 (guided or unguided) - I'll come back another time with the Lindsay. On my way out I decided to 1. Take a selfie of... myself, with my new dangly tree-of-lifey mirror thingy and 2. Stop off at this totally cool little flower stall and pop a couple of 2$'s for some protea stems! It was the cutest little ramshackle of a set up, with scissors, curling ribbon and a wrapping paper dispenser (which had no paper, but who cares).

Definitely followed the dangly thingy's instructions and created my own happiness today. :)


These pics are a couple of years old, but that's the result of my recent photo file spring clean. This day, my Mum and I made some cupcakes for Char and Izzy to decorate. I don't know why, but the photo of Izzy with her eyes shut just cracks me up! Their creations are too special not to share. x


Before I get into some photos, I just wanted to share a couple of paragraphs that I read this morning. I think they sum up this whole dream + goal thing pretty nicely.

"We all need dreams to give us drive. Without them we get bored and even depressed. A dream is something we would like to happen or have. It gives us a reason to live and strive...

A goal is when we chase a dream. If we do not set and chase the goal, it is only ever going to be a wish, at best."
Danny Liddell, Kinesiologist.

Without further ado, here are some pictures of recently enjoyed things :)

When my BFF dropped round for morning tea after I'd finished making wedding jams. Freshly baked coconut bread and warm raspberry + vanilla jam. Sparkling water with leftover raspberries and lemon slices.

This Typo dreamcatcher card that I bought eons ago and found tucked in the back of a book this morning. Present for me. :)

This bar that contains only five lovely ingredients and is delicious.

When Lindsay folded the socks and undies and went all Art Attack on my delicates. <3

Ringside for my two nieces' very first haircuts! Feeling a little uncertain before the chop, but so cute.

Proteas. Walking my proteas home from the markets. I love that they keep for so long.

We got a little excited in the cosmetics aisle of Coles. #noregrets

On a visit down south we took an accidental detour (drove the wrong way). If we'd gone the right way we'd have missed out on this Big Merino. Just sittin there checkin out the town.

Top Juice has opened up shop just down the road. This day I was gravitating towards all things green.

Then there's this. Vanilla slice slathered in pink icing and sprinkles, snapped at The Big Merino bakery. My teeth hurt just looking at it, but they're oh so pretty.