House of Love

Loves this, so much.

I am super excited about the Royal wedding on Friday. The schedule has been kept well and truly clear. My Mum and I have just planned our Chinese takeaway, as we're not prepared to waste a second of precious viewing time by being in the silly kitchen.

Trackies, Chinese, and Royals it will be. What an inneresting combination.


Giant Mutant Schnitzels

If you're a schnitzel connoisseur and would like to wrap your chops around the most gigantic slab of crumbed flesh you have ever seen, head on over to the White Cockatoo Pub, Petersham. Wear elasticised pants.



I have a story to share about a country cousin of mine, going by the name of Brenton Ford.

So Brenton joined the army a couple of years ago, and since living down at the Albury base he's made friends with a bunch of lads who have introduced him to some new hobbies, including hunting.

Recently, young Brenton acquired a shiny new bow and arrow.

I was a little horrified to learn the boys set out to hunt deer and such (even though they're prolific down there and considered pests... fair enough, but still, eep!) but then found out that Brenton is actually a crap shoot so they ended up just piercing apples off a tree, which Brenton took home to his fiancée who baked an apple pie.

In summary, my big tough cousin went hunting and caught an apple pie.

Everyone's happy!

N.B. Yes, I did airbrush the blood away from the buck's mouth. Shh.

Breakfast Cookies, Yes?

Woah. These Etsy cookies make me want to get my bakehouse on in a big and meaningful way. 

I'll be attempting a Chocolate Whisky Cake later today, so we'll see how that goes.

I woke up stupidly early, before 6 I think. Stupid body clock. You silly brain, it's Saturday, you don't even have to get up yet.

It's been raining for hours and I have to say I am seriously questioning why I agreed (enthusiastically, too) to go to Pump class this morning. Argh. Can't we just skip to the Chocolate Whisky Cake?

L I K E < 3

In the last 72 hours, I've had one boy fix my camping lantern (ineffective placement of batteries by self), another inflate my air mattress directly from a car battery using the equivalent of a bobby pin as a conductor, and another repair my spazzy keyboard. Sometimes they will also wear your heart-shaped wrist watch if it's annoying you a little bit.

See, there's feminism, and then there's having air in your mattress and a lantern to locate your bed socks. Do you copy?


Can someone please explain to me why my body has taken ill on the eve of my much anticipated camping trip?
Sad face. Super sad face. I've taken those little ImmunoDefence pills. Yeah. They cost forty bucks a packet and the substance inside the capsules bears a disconcerting resemblance to sawdust. I have practically showered in Betadine Sore Throat Gargle. They tell you to dilute 1mL to 20mL water. I've been shotting the stuff like it's tequila.

You know what the sucky thing is? I so shouldn't be going to work tomorrow. However, my boss already knows I'm going away for the weekend so it would be ridiculously suspicious if I called in "sick". It's not even "sick" this time though, it's SICK!

Chucking sickies will always come back to haunt you I tell ya. It's all fun and games at the time, but you wait til you're really on your death bed (dramatic, much?) but have to lug yourself to your stupid desk because you've already used up a questionable quota of sick days with very sickly activities including shopping in random reject shops, watching The Hills or prancing around the house putting on Michael Jackson concerts. Just some things I made up, just then.

I blame Ferris(<3).



Love these aprons from Jessie Steele!

Never have I ever clapped eyes on such dreamy cooking apparel.