I have a story to share about a country cousin of mine, going by the name of Brenton Ford.

So Brenton joined the army a couple of years ago, and since living down at the Albury base he's made friends with a bunch of lads who have introduced him to some new hobbies, including hunting.

Recently, young Brenton acquired a shiny new bow and arrow.

I was a little horrified to learn the boys set out to hunt deer and such (even though they're prolific down there and considered pests... fair enough, but still, eep!) but then found out that Brenton is actually a crap shoot so they ended up just piercing apples off a tree, which Brenton took home to his fiancée who baked an apple pie.

In summary, my big tough cousin went hunting and caught an apple pie.

Everyone's happy!

N.B. Yes, I did airbrush the blood away from the buck's mouth. Shh.

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