I'm lovin' it

Browsing the Facebook news feed the other night, I read that a younger acquaintance from country NSW made a trip through the Golden Arches with her friends.

So what?

Each one armed with their own plates and cutlery from home, they entered the franchise and requested their meals sans-packaging, in a gesture against the fast food industry's extortionate use of packaging.

"The awesome feeling you get when you take bowls and cutlery to Maccas in an attempt to be eco friendly :) To my surprise it tasted way better in a bowl."

I'm inspired.

T H I R T Y - F I V E

Today marks my parents' 35th Wedding Anniversary. Wow. This morning they were discussing the ratio of good to hard times. Dad made the optimistic declaration of 98-2, Good to Bad. This was met with an outburst of laughter from my Mum (and a quiet giggle from myself). I think they eventually settled on a somewhat less magical but more realistic 80-20. Haha. Still lots to celebrate. Me, for instance. Hehe.

Happy Anniversary, parents. xox