Road Trips + Wild Flowers

This morning I went on a short solo adventure to Robertson, about an hour* south of Wollongong. *It was supposed to be an hour, but ended up being an hour twenty. See, I had a group job interview assessment thingy lined up for this morning at the Illawarra Fly, a place that offers guided rainforest walks. I was sitting on the fence about this job for a few reasons, but got up this morning and decided there was no harm in going to check in out. Anyways, I took a few wrong turns along the way, and arrived at the destination 20 minutes late. I would never hire someone who was 20 minutes late for an interview. I took this as a sign. 

I decided to have a sticky beak at the Fly anyway. The walks are $25 (guided or unguided) - I'll come back another time with the Lindsay. On my way out I decided to 1. Take a selfie of... myself, with my new dangly tree-of-lifey mirror thingy and 2. Stop off at this totally cool little flower stall and pop a couple of 2$'s for some protea stems! It was the cutest little ramshackle of a set up, with scissors, curling ribbon and a wrapping paper dispenser (which had no paper, but who cares).

Definitely followed the dangly thingy's instructions and created my own happiness today. :)

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