Good morning! I hope you had a nice weekend. It's DECEMBER! Today is going to be a busy day - I have 310 Little Bow Thief wedding jams to make. Nothing that a little procrastination won't fix...

THIS: rainbow sprinkles flake cake. Hello. I made this for Lindsay's birthday back in July...2013. Oops. Anyway.

I mean the combo of sprinkles + flakes is just a treat for the eyes. It's like a swimming pool constructed of Flake logs and filled with edible confetti. It just makes me happy. The inspiration for this cake came from Steph at Raspberri Cupcakes. Her version leaves mine to dust, but I made Lindsay's cake for a small family lunch on his 28th birthday, hardly the time to bust out the novelty numerals. Thirty is fast approaching, though...

I used the 'fun size' Flakes (their definition of 'fun', not mine) for the border. Highly recommend you try this tasty little crowd pleaser! 

The inspiration. From the very talented Steph at Raspberri Cupcakes.

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