Hello! Today ima talk about Christmas cards. Are they becoming passé? I tackle all the hard-hitting questions here.

I understand they're not everyone's thing, and Australia Post jacking up its stamp prices to 65c is not helping the matter. However, I still think the ol' Chrissy card is a nice way of touching base, especially with the people you may seldom see, just to let them know: "HI. I STILL REMEMBER YOU AND THINK YOU'RE ALRIGHT AND DEFINITELY WORTH SIXTY-FIVE CENTS."

I have a long association with penpal-ism and a love of snail mail, so for me it's a non-issue. I don't even mind if you don't send me one back. #SELFLESS

This year I searched high and low (i.e. two places) for a pack of boxed cards that cut the mustard and was totally uninspired, so decided to DIY.

These little babies aren't going to win any design awards but they allowed me let loose with a can of gold spraypaint, which is the most important thing. #TARADENNIS

If you are intending to make these, I will offer you the following tips:

1. Do your spraypainting in a well-ventilated space and make sure your animals can't wander into the work area as the temptation to give your dog gold highlights will be strong.

2. I heartily recommend a crazy coloured envelope. Just because hot pink and rebel Christmas etc.

And, look! My deer friends keep surprising me with Insta shots of their cards. #WORTHIT

My little friend. I had her at Hot Pink.

From SIL. Juicy juicy green grass, by the way.

From my pal at the old place of work. And here is her address if you want to surprise her with another card :)

From Lana in London!

Without further ado, if any persons from The Internet have come across this post and would like to recreate these cards, here's how:

You Will Need
  • Search for 'Christmas Silhouettes' on the Google machine, save and resize, print and cut out your template
  • Some cardboard. I used Kraft brown card
  • Spraypaint (about $6 from your friendly hardware merchant)
  • A pair of tweezers
  • A small weighted implement to secure your template so it doesn't blow away when you spray it like mine did
  • A drop sheet, or permission to decorate your garage floor
  • A face mask so your lungs don't turn gold (just fashion one out something you have lying around)
  • A sheet of diamentes for $2 from the cheapo store for Rudolph's nose
How You Will Do It

If you are intending to DIY your own cards, I am sure you're already crafty enough to figure out these details.

Have fun!

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