Happy Monday before Christmas! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. It was a busy one for me... 5 events in 3 days, which means, lots of excuses to make things for Alexsanta's Christmas Bakehouse =)

No baking required for these Watermelon Christmas trees, but they're probably one of the favourite Christmas items I've produced to date - just simple and fresh. Also, it turns out that making watermelon into trees is actually a super ergonomic way to eat it! None of this juicy jowls business that you get with regular methods of watermelon slicing.

I made my trees from a 1/4 melon, and that produced all the trees you see in this pic (minus the obligatory taste testers). It also meant less slicing and dicing.

These went down a treat among our fellow picnickers yesterday, as is, but if you wanted to jazz them up a little you could try finely chopping some mint as a festive and refreshing garnish.


Build a tower



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