Feeling a bit sad tonight because it's the eve of my dog, Hannah's, 15th birthday. Tomorrow, 15th December, she would have been 15 years old. So sadly, she was getting old and developing some complications, and we had to put her down a few weeks ago. It was very hard, the hardest thing to say goodbye, patting her one minute and knowing she wouldn't be with us anymore in a short time. Mum gave her a wash and brush and blowdry the day before so she looked so fluffy and beautiful. Hannah was a wonderful dog. We got her when I was 16. It is so funny when you think how many milestones your dog has been around for. Just always there, constant, throughout everything. High school... 16th, 18th, 21st...30th. All the highs and lows. They are just always there. Always ready to give and receive unconditional love. I clearly remember the day we went to the breeder's house to get Hannah. I picked her out of the pen and nursed her all the way home in the back of the car. At our house, as a puppy, she used to love hiding underneath the open drawers in the kitchen. I remember making her baby formula in those first few weeks. We brought home a "sister" for Hannah after a few years. Lily from the pet shop. They have been practically attached at the hip. Lily lost her sight a few years ago and has been shadowing and stumbling over Hannah ever since. Sometimes she would just walk up to Hannah and pretty much sit on her, but Hannah never seemed to mind. It was really tough, taking to Hannah to the vet a few weeks ago. Right before, Lily had come into the garage and sat right up against Hannah, like she couldn't get any closer. After a while she wandered away and it was heartbreaking to know that she didn't even realise that's the last she would see of Hannah. It was a horrible morning. Mum and Dad and I went to the vet together and then we came home after and buried Hannah in the backyard. It is nice knowing she is kind of there. Lily seems to be coping okay and is being lavished with attention. Hannah and Lil have had lovely dog lives, I think. They didn't have to walk on leads much, because we lived (where Mum and Dad still live) on the edge of a firetrail, so I just took them walking and running - free to run and sniff and do dog things. Hannah loved to just walk up to mud puddles and plonk down in them. There was a river at the bottom of the bush track I used to take them, and when the tide was low I'd throw aball and they'd pelt up and down the sand like total maniacs. Other days when the river was full I'd just sit on the bank and let them paddle around. They loved it. They loved swimming. They went on quite a few holidays with Mum and Dad - 8 hour road trips up to Red Rock. They'd spend two weeks at the beach, swimming in the river and going nuts on the sand. I took Hannah for her last walk along the fire trail less than six months ago, and realised sadly at the time that it would have to be her last - she was struggling too much. But nearly-15 is a ripe old age for a beautiful border collie. I just wanted to pay tribute to a lovely pet and think about her a little bit today and tomorrow with some photos. Rest in peace little Hanny. x

I loved her freckles.

Pit stop on one of our bushwalks.

Riding in the cheap seats on one of their beach road trips.

Friends let friends finish their icy poles.

Last pic xx

My favourite photo, that never fails to make me laugh. Mum and Dad thought it would be funny and I think they were right.

<3 Hannah <3


  1. Lovely tribute. RIP beautiful Hannipoo.

  2. what gorgeous puppies! i'm so sorry about hannah. she clearly had a really wonderful life, and you're right about her freckles.