DIY Gold Tipped Christmas Tree

When you live in a unit, you learn to be economical about space. Being economical about space, however, does NOT mean eschewing Christmas decorations! You just have to get a little creative.

We don't have a suitible posi' for a tree at our place, but seeing as though Santa will be delivering to our parents' places anyway, it's not so much an issue. Even so, Christmas provides the ultimate excuse to throw glitter, shiny balls, ribbon and tiny bells about the place with reckless abandon. It's not in my character to pass up this opportunity.

This year I decided to make a stick tree. I call it, Christmas remnants-of-a-gum TreeI used the gold spraypaint from my Christmas Cards to glitz the tips of some unsuspecting sticks, plopped them in a jar (which also got a stripey zap of gold) and bedazzled the arrangement with some sparkly ornaments (6 stars for $2 from Dollar King). Don't get me wrong, the stick assortment is no match for your traditional tree, but it does add a little December bling, and provides a place for Santa (wink wink) to stow his presents should he wish to acknowledge my amazing behavior throughout 2014.

And below - our advent calendar! We may be 29 and 31 years old, but there is no getting over the joy of an advent calendar. We blame thank our Mums. Today is my day for the calendar but I ate the chocolate at one minute past midnight. Sooooo yeah, nothing has changed!

Do you have any crafty ideas for blinging up your Christmas space? x


  1. I loveloveLOVE the way you sprayed only the tips. I wouldn't have thought of that and it looks amazing! x