With Easter approaching, I was considering posting pictures of cute bunny crafts or lilac-bowed, frosted sugar cookies in the shape of lambs. That would have been cute. Well... I bring you lamb! Shanks... upsidedown in a casserole dish. 

Still cute.

Summer is gone, everyone. Ripped out from under us like a sandy beach towel and replaced with a fluffy cream floor rug in the shape of a Farthing Wood Friend. Exit: lettuce. Enter: Waaaarm 'n' hearty comfort foods. This pie will get you there. I saw this on Good Chef Bad Chef and you can find the recipe here.

I was a little nervous to make it because lamb shanks seemed like such a grown up, serious thing to cook. Akin to a Sunday Roast (yet to tackle that milestone). But it was so easy, and well received by the man in the house. Baaaaah. 

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