Well I wanted a day filled with nature, and nature did not disappoint. In fact, nature thought it would be funny to play a little trick. This morning I caught a cab up to Singapore Zoo in the far north of the island. I'd actually been there once before with my family about 12 years ago. Happy to report that an elephant is still an elephant and a giraffe is still a giraffe. It's a lush zoo. That's the best way I can think to describe it. After the zoo I caught another cab over to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, which is 164 hectares of preserved primary forests, with all different treks and paths you can take up to the top of the mountain. Phoof. Certainly gave the old spin class a run for its money, I was sweating like a piglet. Well I reached the summit of the island (sounds impressive, eh? I suppose I should tell you it's a modest 163m) but unfortunately the foliage gets in the way of any sort of view. Nevermind, the lady clopping up in platform wedges was all the entertainment I needed. I was also amused that the locals seemed to walk backwards down the steep decline. When in Rome Singapore... felt totally silly but I gave it a go. It did feel nice on the calves and feet.

I was approaching the bottom and thinking about how good it would be to come back and dive in the pool, but the second I reached the bottom it started spitting rain. There weren't many cabs up there, in the middle of nowhere, so I walked out to the motorway and that's when it started absolutely, bucketing down, like nothing else. I was quickly drenched from head toe, water pouring down my face, running from tree to tree along the motorway and trying to catch a taxi, none of which were stopping! I did this for a good fifteen minutes until I went across the road and hijacked a taxi at a petrol station. I literally went and stood my sopping self next to his car while he was inside paying. He was none too pleased at the idea of carting me back to the city, but he obliged. He changed his tune when he realised I was from Sydney and started chatting my ear off about Harry Kewel, and about how he'd lost his bet this weekend because Sydney FC lost to the Central Coast.

I'm inside and happily dry, it's still pouring down out there, and I've just received a text from Megz, who should be here in about 20 minutes. Yay! Here's a few pics from today.

This guy was my favourite. I thought he was a big stuffed toy til I came up close and he moved! So amazing.

Took this one for Dad.

100 real-life lunges. Take that, Pump class.

Later that night... Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel, ooh la la. Out comes the 3GS.

Look at me, I'm in a fancy bathroom

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