As a tribute to the iPhone-flashless-3GS that I've been taking photos with for the past few months, here are a few more fuzzies that I took of my Kelly Moore Camera Bag, which I bought from the Australian retailer, Camera Chick.  I've loaded my bag with my freshly purchased camera and passport, ready to roll. It's pretty much, the dreamiest, most organised travel bag ever. Being the magazine ho that I am, that slick side compartment is pure perfection.

I leave for Singapore tomorrow and am pretty damn excited to hang out with my friend all week. Not to mention my excitement over the whole airport and plane experience (it's like I'm 5). Due to an oversight on my part, I'll actually be spending a day and a half solo in Singapore as Megz will be in Malaysia until Sunday! But I've always been happy to wander on my own, and now I have a new toy to wander with.

I was going to buy my camera in Singapore, but after researching some of the retailer websites I found that the prices were similar to Digital Camera Warehouse, plus, warranty-wise, I felt more secure about making the purchase on home turf.

It was an arduous process trying to pick what camera to buy, until serendipity stepped in and helped me out. I'd finally narrowed my list down to three cameras by trawling through comparisons on DP Review. But the more I read, the more indecisive I became, because what one person loved, another hated. Anyway, I just happened to be blog jumping from one to another and randomly came across Raspberri Cupcakes (whose pics I posted yesterday) and thought I'd email to see if the blogger wouldn't mind telling me what camera she shot with. Steph (who it turns out is a Computer Engineer, shock!) emailed back straight away to tell me that she shoots with, and is really happy with, one of the three that was in my short list. Talk about fate. So that was that! Right now it's a bit like a newborn, I'm scared to touch it lest I break it. Her battery is a chargin' though and she'll be on the 7pm flight to Singapore with me tomorrow night.

And that about brings me to bed time. See ya later fuzzball 3GS! Night!

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