I had a fantastically amazing last day in Singapore, I couldn't have asked for anything more! My day started with a refreshing swim in the pool, after which I attacked the Dragon Fruit. I'd never tasted this before; I would liken the taste and texture to kiwifruit, except a more subdued flavour. It didn't quite live up to its rough-and-tumble exterior. Following the fruity excitement I took a twenty minute stroll along the river and over to the closest mall for some retail fun. I found that clothing in Singapore was much the same price as here, so I didn't go too crazy, just a little.

Megz arrived home around 4pm and we toasted the afternoon with a couple of vodka lime sodas, then later headed to the Ku De Ta roof bar, which is the 'cruise liner' building from my photos yesterday. After a week of gazing at it longingly from afar, I was so elated to finally be on board the "ship". We arrived just on sunset so managed to get a couple of pics on the flashless phone. With cocktails in hand, we enjoyed the balmy atmosphere and took in the stunning city views. It was then a case of riches to rags as we made our way to the Satay Street hawker centre, an open-air food market popular with the locals and tourists. We ordered our food from the cheap stalls and sat outside on a rickety table in the street along with hundreds of other diners. We had spring rolls, this thing called a 'Carrot Cake', which had nothing to do with cakes, or carrots, and satay sticks. It was without a doubt the tastiest (and cheapest!) meal of the trip, and definitely a must-do if you're visiting Singapore.

From the hawker centre we set out on foot towards Club Street for another beverage, when all of a sudden my ridiculous shoe strap clean broke in two. There was no repairing it so we taxied back home, and since it was only half past nine, decided to have a little party-for-two before heading out again. Fun times ensued with vodka and dancing in dresses and sneakers. Something you can really only get away with, with a best friend.

Once the shoe situation had been sorted we made our way to the Quay to visit some of Megz' regular haunts, including China One. There was a live band playing, which was awesome, and a great crowd. Since my flight was leaving at 7am we reckoned we'd be home by 1am, but the first time we even looked at the time it was just about 3 o'clock. Copious tequila shots had already been downed. We decided we may as well keep going, making our exit only when encroaching travel schedules absolutely demanded it. We debriefed the evening as we wandered home along the river. It had been such a fun night. Needless to say, I was dead on my feet at the airport, among other things, but it was definitely worth it.

Considering I flew to Singapore last week without a single idea of what I was going to be doing all week, it turned out to be the perfect mix of adventuring, relaxing, eating and getting a little bit crazy. Thanks Peg for the perfect week. <3

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