Welcome to the first freaking phenomenal photo of my Singapore trip. It's 2.20 in the morning here, 5.20am in Sydney, and I've had only a couple of hours of plane sleep, which most would agree is probably the worst type of sleep, EVER. My messy head thought the above would be an appropriate pre-bedtime snack, so, there it is, in all its glory.

Since i've just come straight from the airport to my friend's place, and she's not here til Sunday, not a lot to report on. But watch me do it anyway.

So, I had to have the middle seat on the plane. I always want the window. The lady to my left clearly didn't understand the value of the window seat as she had her eyes SHUT during take-off and landing, which is just a slap in the face. What a waste. And being in the middle seat, you can't even stare out the window the whole trip, because then you're just the weirdo who is obsessed with plane trips and the window idiot thinks you're gawking at them.

I watched 'Friends with Benefits' on the plane with Justin Timberlake and Mila thingy. I liked it a lot. Mila is the type of girl that girls have crushes on, and I'm not saying that to be all funny, it's just like how boys have man crushes on Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, and Batman, or whatever. There seems to have been an influx in movies in the last couple of years on this theme, i.e. No Strings Attached (which I didn't like, boring) and Love and Other Drugs (quite good, but unexpectedly heavy). It's inneresting how the friends with benefits always end up together at the end of the movie, no? Rather than emotionally retarded and hating on each other. Anyway, it would be a pretty awful filem if that were the case. I liked it a lot and even had a little teary in the dark confines of Economy.

Also, the main theme song in the movie, 'Closing Time' has been an undying favourite ever since it became one of our Contiki theme songs while we were staying in a French chateau in 2006. <3

It's a bit strange being in my friend's place for the first time without her being here. Took me a good ten minutes to figure out some of the kooky light switches. The thought actually ran through my head, "If McGuiver can do it, so can you", and that really did spur me on. Success, eventually. So much excitement over turning on a light. Then there's the crazy-ass shower, which has what I can only describe as a firehose-strength beam of water shooting out horizontally from one wall and then a cascade of water falling from the roof. It's like Wet'n'Wild in there.

Anyway. As you can see, my first two hours in Singapore have been packed with culture. But I think it's time for me to hit the bed. Ciao ciao.

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  1. Was hoping you had some turbulence but as there was no mention of it I'll assume you had what refer to as a slightly cooler hell (a.k.a smooth flight). Enjoy your beauty sleep my girl xxx