Today was wonderfully relaxing, exactly what I needed. I'm glad I waited until I got home this afternoon to look at Lonely Planet, because the remaining six days should be pretty busy. I cannot wait til Megz gets home tomorrow, we are going to have a whole lot of fun. And, hopefully she'll put a stop to me having to make conversation with the appliances.

If there were spy cameras in here, you would have seen me spend a significant portion of my morning shaking a remote control at the ceiling and threatening the air conditioning unit, who refused to turn off. He's going on and off, he's doing what he wants, so to hell with him.

Tonight I decided to just stay in to recharge the batteries, which I'm perfectly happy to do. Who brings four books on a one week holiday anyway, and then buys another at the airport? Well I do, that's who.

But enough of books. There's a fresh DVD collection here to explore, lazy pizza to be had and this classy bottle of Hooch to be drunk.

Here are a few other pics from my wander.

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  1. haha best quote ever. and so very true :)
    hope you're having fun!!