Yesterday started with a leisurely swim by the pool, followed by lunch at the Boomerang. A garlic prawn and mango salad.

Followed by a half hour wander through the Botanic Gardens. 

Singapore Orchid

Then headed towards Orchard Road, the retail mecca.

I didn't know that Pippi was affiliated with Wendy's.

London calling. How was I expected to avoid TopShop?!
I like the service in clothes shops here. They remove all the hangers so you don't have to fiddle around at the end. There was also a buzzer in the change room to call for assistance.

A taxi to the SwissĂ´tel to meet Meg after work, then upstairs to the Enquinox for high tea. We had tried to get into Raffles but I'm so pleased they were booked out, because you couldn't beat the view (the sight of the skyline and our plates, combined, was just phenomenal).

Brings new meaning to 'High Tea'. Ho ho ho.

Floating soccer field. Kewel! (I'm all about the puns this morning.)


Probably my new favourite piece of architecture, the "cruise-liner casino" at Marina Bay Sands. Errrrrrrrrm, there's a ship on top of your building. Reminds me of my brother's Computer Battleships game.

Storm clouds brewing, right on cue. Oh, that tall building with the tip lopped off is where Meg earns a crust.

The rains are 'ere.

Movies in the evening, followed by a little shopping and a walk home along the river.

The sun is out and I'm about to head down to the pool for a swim to wake up my foggy, sugar-messed head. It's my last day in Singapore and I'm pretty happy with all that I've managed to do so far. There's just one Singaporian activity I've yet to give a proper go: shopping. Saving the best til last. Yippee! Later tonight we're going to head to the top of my favourite piece of architecture, the casino, for a grossly overpriced cocktail. There will be a little bar hopping tonight, which hopefully won't spell disaster for my 7am flight, eek! Only one way to find out. 

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