I came across a new blog that I've been liking a whole lot, The Wiegands. I love the photography. Casey is also is a talented artist. I particularly like this one, which is called 'Summer Colors'. So pretty.

Today has felt like a very busy day. My parentals are throwing a Christmas party next month and like a silly, I volunteered to organise the invitations. I decided to go paper hunting after work today, but was led astray by my NavMan. Which is a bit of a cop-out to say, really, because I am pretty shocking at directions. It's just a bit stressful when the distance til my destination changes from 2.6km to 5.6km because I miss my turns/find myself in the wrong lane and am forced to turn. Like, I thought I would have to detour through the Blue Mountains for a second there. I was driving around on the scent of an oily rag this afternoon (or however that saying goes) so turned off my aircon and wound the window down, hoping to scrounge an extra milliletre of petrol to get to Officeworks. That was probably a really girly ditsy thing to do. But anything to avoid breaking down in peak hour traffic on a 30 degree day. Anyways, got to the petrol station [got celabratory Freddo frog] got to Officeworks, got invites. I found a pretty awesome selection on Etsy the other day. The seller was nice enough to make me a printable rather than having to wait for postage from the U.S.

So there you go. Etsy. A good little resource to tap into for all your invitation needs.

And the last piece of highly emotional news for the day is that I have PURCHASED my Kelly Moore Camera bag and am very excited for its arrival tomorrow or Friday. After a very drawn out process of elimination - and I literally mean, bag by bag, close-up by close-up, colour by colour, I happily decided on the Hobo Mustard. Surely a bag called HOBO cannot disappoint.

Instead of ordering from the US (AU $207 including postage) I found the exclusive Australian Stockist at Camera Chick. So that worked out to be $208 including postage. For an extra buck the postage will only take a couple of days, with less chance of my beautiful bag dropping out of the sky during transit and becoming Tom Hanks' new best friend.


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