Colorstrology draws a connection between your birthday  and your personal colour. The theory is that a particular hue can balance out certain aspects of your character, bringing out your best. It's an interesting concept...

In any case, it was worth visiting the site for the compliments alone:

The site points out that your birth colour and favourite colour may not be the same. Your birth colour, it says, is your true colour "designed to honour the real you".

If you're interested in colour psychology, I found to be worth a visit.

For now, I guess I'm off to find me a crate of oranges. Ooh! Or a can of Fanta. Bag of Sherbies? Terry's Chocolate Orange? This could be fun.

EDIT: Hmm. On hindsight I note that I was told "wearing, meditating or surrounding myself" with Golden Poppy would help. Why is everything in my list edible (with not a carrot or pumpkin in sight!)?

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