Heart and Mind

I've been following Kina Grannis on YouTube for a while now. She's just released her first album, which has found it's way onto my Ipod. There's no official video yet, but I wanted to share my favourite song, so a gig clip will have to do for now. I love the lyrics...

I write you letters from right to left
See if you have desire yet
To decipher what I said
And learn secrets from my head

It was hard for me to say
Those three words that are so brave
Almost kept them locked away
Deep inside where they'd be safe

Always trying to find
A safer place to hide

Always felt I was protecting my...
Heart and mind
Heart and mind
But it seems like to really feel alive
I cannot hide
My heart and mind

I don't know why I get shy
Tucked away inside my mind
Scared to let someone inside
I sit silent in disguise

Here's her cover of Akon's 'Don't Matter'.


  1. yeahh very pretty lyrics!!
    thanks for sharing

  2. Glad to hun! I think you'd like her voice.