Can't Operate (fired up)

2.59am and the girl can't sleep. >>> Ladyhawke.


L a t e   n i g h t
 waiting by the phone
waiting for an answer.
Heartbeat, drumming double time
I need one more chance to be near you

Still hanging on (for what?)
Can’t operate (fired up)
I won’t eat and I won't sleep for you yeah
No rest till I (get through)
'Coz I’m holding out (for you)
Am I the only one who’s insane?

Hey - you're playing with my d e l i r i u m
And the longer I wait the harder I’m gonna fall
Stop playing with my delirium
'Coz I’m outta my head and outta my self control

* * *

1 comment:

  1. good songgggggggggg
    how was clean up?
    you're my eco hero :)

    ps what's up with the insomnia? are you okay?!
    hope so.
    pps can we party soon? i hope soo. miss yaaa xx