Sound of rain on the window pain
Makes a mighty sweet and soft refrain
But I never found a sound as sweet
As the tippity tippity tap of happy feet

-Dean Martin-

I'm going to spend five minutes talking about my boots.

Here in Sydney the weather has just started to get a little cooler. I do enjoy that first autumn day when you get out of bed and there's a distinct chill in the air. Just fresh enough so that having your uggs chaperone you to breakfast becomes both seasonally and socially acceptable.

Today is not a typically nice day, weather wise. It's overcast, chilly and windy - I don't mind though because I'm inside writing an essay (yes, I am actually writing it, just having a break). As I mentioned though, the otherwise crappy day is OK because of my boots.

Each time I get a new pair of uggs I always end up wearing them outside at some point. But I'm going to try and keep this particular pair pure, so, you know, if the need arises (spiders, etc.) I can jump up on my white bedspread, fully booted.

If you like my boots,  they are called 'Grosby Hoodies for Your Feet', and you can find a replica at Big W.

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