A good egg

Cadbury Mini Eggs. Have you had these? If not, you're a dead-set silly person. A++ A-mazing, they is.

A bf introduced me to these bad boys when I was living in London. I fell hard and fast (with the eggs). One night he came home and said he'd brought me a surprise (ding! ding! ding!) - opened his backpack and whipped out a bag of mini eggs. What can I say, the boy was smart. We cranked up his Ipod and danced around the lounge room to Hot Chip and Chemical Brothers - his housemates and us - throwing and catching mini eggs in our gobs. Hehe.

Yummy. Get some.


  1. what are they like?! can you get them here?
    im intrigued!

    can you believe i've been coerced into setting up an easter egg hunt for owen at glebe?
    actually you probably can. haha why do i always do stupid things for that boy?

    i miss you! any weekends in the future good for you and our berry trip? or at least a good party night?

  2. I'm pretty sure you can get them here! If not Cadbury, there are definitely other brands.

    I can totally believe that you were coerced into laying an egg trail for Owen (laying an egg trail, bad choice of words haha).

    I am up for nights out and berry trips, always.


    Happy Easterrrrrrrr!