Can not help but smile

My Mum picked these flowers from the garden this morning and put them in my room. She is pretty awesome like that.

An unrelated story - last night I was walking across Pyrmont Bridge, Darling Harbour, when I saw a lady who would have been about 55, wearing some quirky black dress, tights and sparkly heals, with bright, bobbed red hair,  making her way across the bridge on a manual scooter with a basket, which contained a pink feather boa. I could not help but to smile.

She felt like scooting across the bridge in sparkly heals with a feather boa, so she did. I love it.

Happy Sunday <3


  1. your niece is so ridiculously cute!!!

    ps your flowers are so pretty. im tres impressed by your mums gardening skillzz!

  2. yeals, mama certainly does have the mad flower skilezz. =)