Nobody here but us servantless Australian cooks

J'ai fait une omelette française!

(I made a French omelette!)

More about that in a minute.

Have you seen the film Julie & Julia? Meryl Streep is brilliant and hilarious playing the part of Julia Child, well-known chef and cookbook writer. Julia's story, set in Paris, is juxtoposed with the narrative of a thirty year old American woman named Julie, who decides to cook her way through Julia's French cookbook forty years after its publication, blogging her journey along the way. I won't spoil the ending, but the film - based on two true stories -  is a funny and inspiring tale about two women who took some steps towards their dreams and then, voila!

I loved the movie - in fact, I watched it twice within two days.

Well, here we are, 8.34 am on the 11th of March 2010 - Julia's influence soldiers on in spirit, and I must get back to my omelette story. A couple of days ago I youtubed the real Julia Childs and watched a clip about making the traditional French dish. Here it is.


I have made a few omelettes in my time, but not like this. There are three secrets. First: a very hot pan. Second: committment to agitation. And third: The Flip. Did you know, if you grasp the handle 'just so', you can flip the omelette to your will, somersaulting over upon itself into a neat 'omeletty' shape on the plate?

Taste wise, I have to confess there are other things higher on my breakfast list. But that's not the point. My point is that my eyes actually lit up as I saw The Flip. I still need a little practise. Scrambled eggs, though? I am modest about a few things but not about this. I happen to be one of Australia's most talented scrambled egg chefs. There, I said it.

Apprécier vos oeufs! 


  1. Damn, I'm impressed!
    I really want to see the movieeee

  2. I guarantee you especially would LOVE it. Time to whip out the civic video card! It's one of those movies I'd actually buy though, one that you can watch over and over... like the Devil Wears Prada...