Things are progressing nicely with Charlotte & Isabella's apartment renovations...

 When you're renovating a 1x2 metre space, it's wise to remember your contacts. So we called in Dad's cousin the carpenter to install some shelving; to cover that random stack of bricks in the corner, and to close in the roof. He did a great job, and will be coming back soon to install a specially-made window frame.

 Much better. You left a little something on the floor though.

Next step was to prime the roof. 
My Dad found those cool little chairs from Bunnings.

Mum and I sat down this afternoon to make some felt flowers, which will feature in the window. We felt a bit like we'd skipped backwards a century - the ladies of the house sitting by the window sipping tea (from our fine China - see pic below) and doing our needlework.

These should add a nice little tactile element to the girls' house!

Charlotte and Isabella are 2 and 1 years old. This weekend was Isabella's first birthday party, and it really was a lovely day. Here are a couple (of hundred) pics:

 I made these vanilla bean thins. Bit foolish because they look like a bowl of chips. Pretty yummy though - my first time using a vanilla pod. Much fun - will do again.

Also made these cheesy herby triangles. Then put in a pretty Orson & Blake bowl (thanks Dad), and made it pose on the lawn.

Goody boxes made by my sister-in-law (amazing!)

Look at these stunners.

Barbie (of my birthday cake fame) was reunited with her legs. She swiftly pulled on her hot pants and was ready to party.

Big bro and sisso-in-law with the little lady of the hour. And yes, that cake is surrounded by slabs of Hershey's Cookies and Cream.

A present for Izzy from Aunty Ali  <3

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