My parent's have a storeroom under their staircase  it's about 1.2 x 2 metres  small, but more than enough to accommodate two tiny nieces (to play in, not to reside in).

Charlotte, my two-year-old niece, loves going in and out of the storeroom, which up until now has been filled with boxes of old photo albums, trophies from primary school days, stuffed toys we won't part with, old books and the like. Mum decided to empty out the storeroom and convert it into a cubbyhouse for Charlotte and Isabella.

Renovations started yesterday, with the clearing out of the space and the painting. Of course, we knew that if I had anything to do with the process, there would be no choice but to paint the room PINK.

The residence

Prime real estate: a renovator's dream

Bring in the painters (slash / Dad)

Pink. Duh.


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