A couple of months ago whilst my cousin was visiting in Sydney we went to Yum Cha in Chinatown and had the most splendiforous dessert.

This is melon sago. Not only was it deliciously sweet and refreshing - like a coconutty bowl of mellony fun - it was also very pretty. 

My cousin has just informed me that she tried to replicate this but without success. So, sometime in the hopefully-not-too-distant-future, we've agreed to attempt a replication. It was really hard to find a recipe for this - took me a good ten minutes of Googling, so I'm going to place it right here, safe and sound. And will try very, very hard not to attempt a re-make before my cousin-ly reunion!

Looks delicious, hey? I found the recipe here.

To be continued.


  1. you should try tapioca desserts they have at some supermarkets. they are DELICIOUS.
    do you like pearl tea?

  2. Oooooh, i will!

    I haven't had or even heard of pearl tea, what is it? You will have to introduce me! Pearl tea party?

  3. yes yes and yes!
    we will have to go to chatime or happy lemon in broadway sometime. it's amazing!

  4. Yes! It's a date! When it gets a little warmer, since we're still in hibernation mode, hehe. Happy Lemon sounds so, happy.