Yes, that's right, it's August, my birth month - time to celebrate.

I thought I'd kick things off with a wish list.

I'm despo to go hot air ballooning. This one appears to be made out of actual balloons and have a small house attached, which is obviously ideal.

My DSLR is still kicking but it copped a beating whilst traveling a couple of years ago and I am dreaming about getting a new one. Want.

I have been pining for one of these little fellows for quite some time, but I'm not going to buy one for myself, I'm just going to keep putting this out into the universe until some lovely person gets the hint!

I've gathered a fairly AWESOME collection of vinyls. Fun as they are to look through, I'd love something on which to p-p-p-play them. This particular shopping expedition, when it happens, will be a fun one!

Mmm, that's all, for the moment.

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