I've just devoured this sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce and almond praline, which I made from last year's Masterchef book. My pudding testers gave me ten out of ten. Being that they were my parents, we can't take such scores too seriously - but okay, it was pretty good, tehe. My only issue is that I didn't have the proper pudding moulds, and I think this photo looks a bit like a salmon rissole with gravy and toffee. Mmmmmmm.

Here's the online version of the recipe (which, by the way, is very simple).

The only problem is, I am now going to have to go on a 675 kilometre run tomorrow.

Tomorrow is tomorrow. For now, may as well keep talking about food.

In light of our Cookie Monster obsession, my brother emailed me the pic below. I don't know where he found it but I LIKE. I like how he starts off in control but gets all messed up at the end. I think cookie monster needs to be checked into rehab.

The next el cute-o thing is this breakfast of googly eyes - there is no explanation for this! A kid would find this breakfast so much fun (not me though : / ... I would find it mundane... ) Extreme choking hazards aside, this gets a big tick from me. I found the pic at Cute Stew. It makes me ROFLOL. << This is a sign that I am over-tired, and must be getting along to bed. Tata!


  1. HAHAHAHA That is sooooo cute!! haha I both pics!

    And your sticky date pudding looks ammmmmmazing!! x

  2. Thankya - it tasted better than it looks hehe. When I go to Bali everyone is going to say, "Who is that girl, that girl that looks like a sticky date pudding?" Uh ohhhhhh.