She keeps good company

Brrrr. What a chilly day it is. I am sitting here with three tops on, trackies, be-socked and under three blankets, yet my fingers are still cold. I think a cup of tea is in order!
Speaking of tea, my friend Emma is moonlighting as a teapot designer. Below is an example of her gorgeous personalised 'Sweethearts' teapot, which you can buy online at Quirky, cute and contemporary - what a lovely gift idea!

Whilst I'm being all embarrassing, I'm going to show off my friend Kirsten's website (Kirsten is a stylist). It's a good thing to be a fan of your friend! Here are just a few of my favourite pics:

(That's my niece Charlotte, bottom left, who popped in to lend KB a hand one day!)

Don't I have very talented friends? And this is just the tip of the iceberg!


  1. Kirsten's website looks fantastic... very chic!

    Love Emma's teapot!

    I actually just discovered MadeIt yesterday! My latest edition of My Child (which I'm still receiving free thanks to Kirsten... and Charlotte!) arrived yesterday and they have a one page plug for MadeIt. LOVE IT!
    Trying to think of what I could sell on MadeIt... hmmm... one of Phoebe's sock bunnies is probably all I could manage. There's a market for them, right?

  2. Hahaha! I reckon there would be actually. Phoebe's sock puppets were the BEST. I know you were joking, but I actually like the sock puppet idea. Hehe. Some experiments may be in order...

    And yes I agree, Kirsten's website is el fabbo!

  3. Alex,

    Thank you so much xx You are such a fabulous friend.
    I'm so honoured to be on your fab blog! Thank you for always being so supportive xx

    p.s. Heth - Thanks for letting me style beautiful little Charlotte (she is soooo cute!) but I'm no longer styling for My Child... haha x

  4. you = the bestttttttttt :)

    and holy crap kristen is talented

    i miss you!!
    lets have a date at colour me mine sometime?

  5. Yes - let's do that! =) I haven't played with pottery since year 10.

  6. Love the sheriff and the hat. Is that a wooden toy gun or what? It looks to big for the sheriff's pocket!!!:)