It's been a long rainy day in Sydney and although I've heard a few complaints, I wouldn't have changed the weather - I like it - but it perhaps would have been better enjoyed at home in a nice pair of trackies, rather than at work.

I ran a half marathon on Sunday. I'm not a natural marathon runner and it was very hard work. I think I came about 8600th. I'm not even joking. The best part of the actual race was the first five minutes when all 10,000 of us were running as a fairly tight unit (with exception of the would-be-winners, who were already on their second lap) through the streets of Sydney in the crisp 7.30 air. I actually had a smile on my face at that stage - a morning run with ten thousand strangers was certainly a change to a solo jog along a bushy fire trail. I particularly enjoyed seeing two guys dressed in jeans and collared shirts, who'd clearly just decided to join in the marathon after a big night out. They were trying to pick up fellow joggers, which was pretty amusing. Anyway, basically my main tactic in this race was to run away from irritating people. Also people who smelt bad.

For all my efforts though, I have an injured foot. I am not sure what is wrong with it, it's not sprained or broken but it's very sore and I can't walk on it. The hot chocolate and choc chip muffin I shouted myself for morning tea is making everything OK.

It did amuse me how everyone in the office today turned into winter piglets. The first sign of precipitation and we took to the cafes and vending machines like bears storing up for the winter. My English manager even took a drive to Woolworths to buy himself a packet of oven-bake pork pies.

Tomorrow morning I have to take my beloved Vincent (A.K.A. "Vinnie" the VL Vacationer - my car) to the mechanics for a service. Born in 1987, he is getting on a bit, and sometimes bungs on a bit of an act to assert his stately age. Just this Monday, I started him up and he decided to have the wobbles. So we have been wobbling idle at traffic lights for two days and I am sending him off for some old man TLC.

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