[This print is called 'Lemonade Storm' - I found it on Etsy. I am also liking the idea of a literal lemonade storm. Think about it! I'm thinking, sticky but fun, hehe.]

Yesterday when I overheard someone say it would be raining all weekend I was a little agitated, but actually, today has been the perfect rainy day. I stayed in bed til 1. Yes, ONE.

I then went out for a lovely coffee with my folks and Mum and I meandered around the shops looking for nothing and everything. I haven't done that in ages (there's usually at least one purpose) and it was great fun. Mostly we just stuck to Big W, as we are a fancy pair indeed. But we did all the relevant sections, including toys.

So, wanna see what I got?

Actually, before that, can I just say that Barbie is looking pretty hot these days? Yes, she's left the trailer park and can currently be found strutting about out in her 'Barbie Basics' collection, which features several stunning little numbers. I could probably pick out something to wear tonight (on my index finger). I'm thinking either fourth or seventh from the left. What do you reckon?

Moving along, we found all these little kitchen toys and I just HAD to buy one for my niece, Charlotte. I bought her a little toaster, but it's going in the cupboard for Christmas! They also have microwaves and cappuccino machines. Dreamy much? Yeah no feminists here, hehe.

And then we progressed to Sussan (local shops are limited in selection, you understand) - who currently have a dreamo collection of PJs and slippers. I had to talk myself out of those because there is only a certain number of slippers and PJs a girl can own before the situation gets out of hand. Instead I purchased something that was completely unnecessary but completely justifiable in light of its cuteness. Plus, my Mum gave me permission to buy it with her wise words, "If you want it, get it." OKAY MUMMY.

She has already been named 'Lilyan Ladybird'. If I look after it carefully (if you think these sound like the words of a mother, you are correct), when I am 87 years old I will be able to ask my husband to fetch me Lilyan, and he should know exactly what to do.

Some wise words from the fetching Nurse Margaret Kissack!

Anyway, I have to go befriend some socks and maybe some Shiraz. Hope everyone's enjoying their rainy weekend as much as me!

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