Sail (me) away

I could tell that a lot of people had, like me, been glued to their television screens today awaiting the return of Jessica Watson, the 16 year old Australian who circumnavigated the globe. I could tell, because when I ducked up to Woolworths after coverage finished, every man and his dog was there (to witness my holey grey trackies in all their glory!)

What an inspirational girl, this one. I must admit, I'd paid no attention to her voyage until today, but since this morning have started reading her blog since the start - I'm hooked now, it's a great blog.

She made me want to get out on the high seas, and funnily enough, who should call me tonight but my old London housemates Olly and Alyssa, who are at this moment living in the Greek Islands, chartering yachts. They want me to come over in September for up to a month's sailing. My bank says no, but I say YES!

Today has been semi-productive. 2 1/2 hours of Bushcare this morning was followed by hours of Jessica-watching and then the baking of an epic apple pie which I just happily devoured with my family. Here he is.

Tomorrow I'm running in the Sydney Half Marathon. The nerves have been hanging about for a couple of weeks in the form of butterflies whilst I run. Now I am kind of excited, but still a little scared. I not an athlete, that's for sure. More than anything, I am worried about being bowled over by jocks in little shorts. Nonetheless I'll just give it a shot and that is that. Unfortunately I have to be seated on the freezing cold train at 6am for the 7.30am start, which means I should be fast asleep in about 15 minutes... hmm.

Usually I am pretty careful with carbs but today I have been happily stockpiling, on the advice of several websites (which is how all serious athletes get their nutritional advice). A couple of them told me not to load up on vegetables - nothing too fibrous, without getting into it all. I was happy to oblige when it came to the broccoli, but you'll note I had no problem letting the apple pie slip onto the menu... tehe... so not an athlete.

Wish me luck!

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  1. you are awesome!
    i'm so impressed you ran the half marathon - i couldn't run from my back gate to the door... no jokes.

    i don't like apple pie - but that picture alone could turn me.