Rain rain, get me some new socks and things

 From the blog of Paula J. Becker - Illustrator

Oh dear. I am really enjoying this lovely rain, but it can cause a girl to do terrible things. For instance, I decided to go out this morning for a little shop, to take respite from my assignment (ha! the one I haven't started). I needed two things: new trackies, and socks. So why am I sitting here in a new dress, bejewelled and ankle booted? Eh, never mind.

So, going to Bali in few weeks which means it'll be time to whip out those scary bikinis. No wonder this next snippet of information caught my attention today. Apparently, drinking green tea increases fat burning by 40%. I don't know the science behind this claim, but somehow don't care. For the next few weeks I shall be showering in green tea and having it on my cereal for breakfast.

Oh, LOOKY HERE, Japan to the rescue with this delectable looking Green Tea Kit-Kat. Truth be told, the Kit-Kat looks a little seasick. Do you reckon it increases fat burning by 40%? I can only think of onnnnnne sure way to find out...

For interested parties, I found this article about the goodness of the green stuff. Definitely an acquired taste - I would say it resembles watered down cow feed - but apparently worth tolerating.

Hmm, I wonder if consuming one Green Tea (beverage) negates the consumption of one Green Tea (Kit Kat). At this juncture, I think it would be best if I conducted some experiments.


  1. oh! i LOVE those green tea kitkats - i fell in love with them at narita airport and my aunty bought me lots home
    i have some spare so i'll bring you one

  2. oooooh, cool!! They don't look very appetising but I'm very interested to have a taste. Are you coming out on Sat? If so... feel free to bring green tea flavoured snacks!