I have a blue house with a blue window

I like blue stuff. I like stuff that is blue.

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The male bower bird, an accomplished architect, has long fascinated scientists with its complex courting behavior. To attract a mate he constructs an elaborate structure — a bower — on the forest floor from twigs, leaves, and moss. It then decorates the bower with colorful baubles, from feathers and pebbles to berries and shells.

The bowers aren’t nests for raising kids; they are bachelor pads designed to attract and seduce one or more mates. When a female arrives to inspect the bower, the male struts and sings. He hopes to convince her to enter the bower, where mating takes place.


For the male Satin, the favoured decorative color is blue. He collects blue feathers, blue berries, blue shells and blue flowers. After decorating, the male then waits, passing time by constantly fine tuning his structure and rearranging the decorations.

Blue is his house, with a blue little window, and his blue corvette and everything is blue for him.

He has a girlfriend, and she is so blue.

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