Today is Bunny Appreciation Day. I just decided  this is the way it's going to be, and present to you my comprehensive Rabbit Manual.

...Haaaang on...
Hmph. According to 24CarrotLane it turns out there's already an "official" Rabbit Appreciation Day on August 24.

Official o-shmicial, I'm appreciating early this year.

Easy-Sew Bunny Kit from Dumpling Dynasty, on sale at Lark. You can make your own bunny. You... or the kiddies, whoever... dum de dum...

Halloooooooooo Bunny. I love you.
[I mean, the post could just end here.]

"Once upon a time there were four little rabbits,
and their names were Flopsy,
Mopsy, Cotton-tail and Peter.

They lived with their Mother in a sand-bank,
underneath the root of
a very big fir tree."

From 'The Tale of Peter Rabbit' - Beatrix Potter, 1902
* * *

'Miss Potter' (2006) - Set in London, the movie depicts the life of children's author and illustrator Beatrix Potter. Through her unprecedented professional success she broke the mould of social expectations attached to women in the early 20th century. A warming movie that appeals to the child within -- we all know I have one of those, I could watch it again and again.

The Rabbit Family from Sylvanian Families (well, derrrr). I still have mine tucked away safe and sound - revival pending.

Bunny Cookies. Sinfully shiny! Good Things Catered tell you how to make perfect cookie icing.

Remember Phoebe's sock bunnies? One could get creative and breed one's own!

For only 19 Aussie dollars including postage (what the?) I am giving these gloves some serious eyes. You know when something is so cute you get a bit aggressive? (Akin to say, Squeeze-the-Baby Syndrome? I kid, I kid...) Anyway, with Miss Earth saving the planet one oil heater at a time, a pair of fingerless gloves is just what these blogging fingers need (seriously, they are like icicles).

P.S. They are hand made in Australia (double tick) and you can buy them from MadeIt. But not before me, you can't!

C' C' Come on Everybody! I will never get over Jive Bunny. I have him on CD, on my Ipod, and in vinyl. There's nothing else to say. I LUV J.B. 4EVA.

And now... the cutest freakin clover-eating bunny I've ever seen. Ogled by me at the Girls Called E.


JUST KIDDING. I could never ever!

I love bunnies, don't you know?

One last thing. I know this isn't real, but it still makes me laugh. :)

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