It's December, the sun has decided to shine, the Christmas tree is up, there are mangos in the house, there are 2.5 weeks left of work til Christmas break, and I had a really lovely weekend. The makings of a pretty good mood!

We flew up to the Gold Coast on Saturday morning to go to Lindsay's cousin's engagement party. There were 17 relos (and me :) staying under the one roof, and that was a lot of fun. I was also able to take a few hours on Sunday to visit one of my close friends who lives nearbye. Last night it was nice to come home to see the parents putting up the Christmas tree. I'm really excited about the month ahead and all the social things and baking things it entails. Woo woo!

Now for a little bit of Monday fun. Go to StyleSeek and Play the Style Game. You'll be asked to select images that most appeal to you and then StyleSeek will pick out a selection of products suited to you - your Style DNA. Well I don't need a fancy computer machine to tell me I like trackies; there's no purpose to this but if you're reading while at work, well, you're welcome.

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