little buddies playing "tv watching" in the cabana! 

On Friday after work myself and a group of friends  loaded our cars and headed down to our favourite National Park camping spot.

We enjoyed a typical camping weekend of lazing, talking, eating, food prep, eating, washing up, eating and drinking. I tried, not so successfully, to fly a kite; the big and little kids played cricket and we took some walks along the beach. I loved taking my nieces for walks and swims and seashell collecting escapades. Lindsay decided to practice handstands on the shore, so he and I spent a good ten minutes doing that (my first handstand since I was 12.). I gave up after five minutes and then sat on the sand and gave Lindsay marks out of 10. He assisted my collecting of shells to make the simply stunning necklace you see in the photos below. Unfortunately the rain came this morning, and although it was nice to lie in the tent under the pitter patters, it caused a hasty retreat by all (after a mandatory brekky of shaker pancakes on the gas stove). We are SO lucky to live close to such a beautiful outdoor getaway and have lovely friends to share it with.

Here are just a few snaps...

darling princess niece, growing up SO fast.

note: one stunning shell necklace made by yours truly

the divine miss three, can do NO wrong. xx

On a side note: Lindsay and I invested in an OZtrail self-inflating mattress (aka 'leisure mat'... not being funny, that's what it's called) and we're beyond happy that we did. No more dealing with blowing up air beds in the dark with busted pumps and punctured mattresses, then waking up at 3am flat on the ground with a rock in your back. This was heaven to sleep on and very easy to set up and pack away. I sound like an infomercial because I had such a great sleep!


  1. SO fun :-)
    I was a bit disappointed we didn't have an inflatable boat that would hold adults, like the kids had. Might add that to THE ULTIMATE (and beautifully written) CAMPING LIST