Christmas is a good time to share some book recommendations. I love swapping my favourite books with friends and family. In my house the good ones get passed around between Mum and Dad and I, and from time to time I'll send a particularly good find to my Nanna in the post. I love the feeling of knowing you're about to curl up and tuck into an amazing story, and furthermore, no one wants to be on holidays and stuck with dodgy one. So here we go, my small selection of book tips for Christmas 2013...

// The Bronze Horseman
This is one of the best books I've ever read, and I'm so excited there are two sequels that I've yet to get my mitts on. Set in WWII Russia, you'll get a healthy serve of history along with a love story. The story will grip you from the start and stir you right up. It will make you grateful for your dinner, even if it's a really shitty one, and you will also definitely develop a crush on Alexander Belov.

// At Home with the Templetons
Monica McInerney is one of my favourite authors she never fails. This is a page turner and a nail biter (I mostly rely on cliches for book reviews). I posted this one to Grafton Nanna, so that's all you need to know.

// Mud, Sweat and Tears
I'd never ordinarily pick up a Bear Grylls autobiography, but Lindsay had read it so I thought I'd give it a go. I found the first quarter of the book a bit tedious, but it's one of those books that's worth persevering through as it did come good. An inspiring read, it was nice to gain a different perspective on the TV Grylls persona. Be warned: you won't be able to read this book without Grylls' goofy-wild-Englishman accent in your head. But you won't mind as he is good looking with brown arms and nice muscles a good writer.

// Jessica
This one's an oldie but a favourite. It's simply a beautiful story set in a beautifully described Australian landscape. It's a historical novel based in fact, so you can expect a nice insight into aspects of Australian history along with a captivating story. Captivating story = reliable escapism from z-grade holidays, tedious relo bashes and Saturday nights alone. Probably not New Years Eve alone, though. You're gonna wanna make plans for that, or at least stock up on Kit-Kats.

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