Ever since attending the floral workshop with Holly Hipwell of The Flower Drum a couple of weeks ago I haven't been able to separate my eyeballs from these Peony and Sweet Pea shirts. They (shopoholics?) say that if you walk away from something you're lusting to buy, but you're still daydreaming about it some time later (milliseconds?) then you're meant to be united with that material object. Your life is certain to improve exponentially once you are united with ceramic pineapple / inflatable armchair / antique cowbell / peony baseball tshirt. Who am I to argue with they?

I almost don't want to tell you where they're from, but, you never know when an intelligent family member or friend might come across this post and just happen to be looking to buy me a Size M present. And if that were to happen they'd opt for the Peony # 3 in the first instance.

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