I hope everyone enjoyed a safe and happy Christmas with your family and friends! I want to post some Christmas pics soon, but for now, I have a dinner recipe to share that I think you'll enjoy, providing you're not in a ham/turkey/chocolate coma!

My Dad made this last week and it was  pretty delish. The recipe overlapping the top right side of this picture is glued on  ignore that! It's the recipe underneath that you'll need in order to recreate this breakfasty dinner.

Dad has a recipe binder with pages stuck in that he's ripped out from various places (Mum's Better Homes & Gardens mags) and I pinched this one to photocopy for my own collection. I have similar piecemeal books like Dad, but any recipe that's stuck in my book has to be tested and approved before it receives the honour of glue. Dad, on the other hand, glues anything that catches his eye, but you'll sometimes see a scrawled "GOOD" and a big tick for the successful ones. When I was little I'd sometimes add a score out of ten to his recipe pages, and constructive comments such as "less cheese next time".  Cheeky helpful little thing, I was.

Anyway, it's no garden salad, but it contains eggs (tick) spinach (tick tick) and... bacon (absolute tick).

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