My dress style is pretty simple at the best of times which suits me fine, and I tend to give trendoidy fashions a wide berth, mostly because I don't know what to do with them, or sometimes, like in the case of beetlejuice pants, because they're a bit hideious IMHO. Having said that, I'm liking the fluoro, also known as fashion that makes your eyes hurt.  I think this goes back to the happy times in childhood spent in fluoro clothes, and as a child of the eighties, there were many such outfits.

here are some i stalked...

and thanks to a lunch break find, I now own the neon orange version of number four.

one fashion tag blog two marsden shift dress three ice cream sunday dress four white fox dress five fashion tag blog

as for those childhood brights...

accessorising a fluoro cozzie with a fluoro tank and a fluoro parrot... and clearly loving it

my rad brother, rocking the neons in fiji

mini me in qld

i loved this fluoro pink dress, right up to the sleeve buttons. check out our children-of-the-eighties guilt-free tans! jealous of eighties self.


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