I was thinking before about this one Christmas Eve, I would have been around five, and on this night I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor of my brother's room. I can still distinctly recall lying there and hearing something land on the roof. I said to my brother, I think I just heard Santa's reindeer land. I was so nervous and excited, knowing without a shadow of doubt that Santa Clause was on OUR roof at that very moment. I also remember the next morning, sitting in the corner of the lounge room, one of the presents that I opened was this lovely snowy box and inside were little girly stickers and things. I remember also contemplating with admiration about what a wonderful and trendy present wrapper and picker was Santa Clause. Two more sleeps. I hope everyone is having a lovely time getting ready for Christmas. ;)


  1. Seriously nearly cried. That is all.

  2. aww, hehe. I will come over to your place at midnight and throw some sticks on the roof. x