My mum and I started a gingerbread house tradition a few years ago and we are now in our fourth year of construction. Each Christmas we try to come up with a new and inspired design, so you can imagine my elation when I stumbled across these breathtaking creations from Sweetopia! I love the idea of a single-colour themed house. But the pastel one is also a delicious dream.

Unfortunately I can only find a couple of photos of last year's build, but not one of the finished product. I will have to get to work on some new blueprints and will make sure to take some more photos this time. Sorry about all the building puns, I am a little bit excited!

Last year's house featured green-tinted coconut for grass, a picket fence of Clinkers, a marshmallow hedge, and a pebbled pathway of Nerds. The roof was paved with Freckles and capped with Maltesers. Half the fun in constructing a gingerbread house is shopping for the decorations. You only have to tap 'Gingerbread House' into Google for endless inspiration on all the things you can do.

I adore this type of 60s illustration/animation. It reminds me of all the special Christmas and Easter cartoons that used to be on TV when we were kids. <3

STORYBOOK: The Art of Children's Picture Books


  1. Last year's house... not the best photo but it's there to take :-)